Sunday, October 19, 2008

Onion pie with bacon- Schwäbischer Zwiebelkuchen

This onion pie or Zwiebelkuchen is a speciality from the area where I live, Baden-Württenberg. It is served especially in the autumn with Neuer Süsser (new wine) at farmer's markets, street stands and restaurants. This one has a yeast dough and it is traditionally baked on a baking sheet but I already broke that tradition by using small pie moulds. It can also be made without bacon, if preferred!

Zwiebel Kuchen

375 g flour
1/2 tablespoon salt
20 g fresh yeast
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 liter milk (room temperature)
60 g butter (room temperature)

for the filling:
1,5 kg onions (peeled and cut in half rings)
200 g bacon (cut in small dices)
4 eggs
150 ml sour creme
salt and pepper
1 teaspoon cumin seeds

Mesure the flour into a bowl and make a whole in the middle. Add 1 tablespoon of lukewarm milk, the yeast (crumbled) and sugar. Then cover it all with flour from the sides of the bowl and set a side on a warm place, covered with a kitchen towl for 15 minutes.

Fry the bacon on a pan. Add the onions and glare until onions are soft. Let it then cool down.

Add the rest of the ingredients to the dough and knead well (it goes easily with the spiral whisks of an electric mixer). The dough should have a firm consistency, and not stick to the bowl. You can regulate it by adding flour and lukewarm milk by turns.
Then leave it covered again on a warm place for 30 minutes.

For the filling, mix together the eggs, salt, pepper, cumin and sour creme. Then combine with onions and bacon.

Preheat oven to 190 °c.
Roll the dough on a buttered backing sheet (or first on a same sized backing paper, which you can then shift on the actual backing sheet) and mold the edges a bit higher.
Make some small holes with a fork on the dough and spread the filling evenly on the base. Let it set for just a little while and bake for 45 minutes.
Let cool slightly before serving.



Veera said...

Nyt näyttää hyvältä, tätä pitää kokeilla!
Ehkä kuukauden päästä kun Ranskan Beaujolais nouveuata on (ehkä) saatavilla.

Julia @ crazyaboutbretzels said...

Kokeile ihmeessä! Toivottavasti saat napattua pullollisen marraskuussa! :)