Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yes, yes, I know what time of the year it is

For some reason I was craving the whole day for asparagus. Of course I was a bit late - or early with this craving and had to accept that it wasn't possible to find fresh asparagus anywhere. I just had to settle for the preserved ones, which cannot be compared to the real stuff... In this pasta dish it didn't matter so much. Today I enjoyed the idea of asparagus with some creamy pasta and chicken. Quick and delicious!

Farfalle with asparagus and chicken

250 g pasta
150 g chicken breast
150 g preserved asparagus (1 glass jar)
5 tablespoons créme fraiche
1 tablespoon dryed Italian herbs (such as oregano, basil etc.)
olive oil
salt and black pepper

Cut the chicken into small pieces. Cook the pasta in boiling water and heat some olive oil on a frying pan, with a pinch of the herbs, some salt and pepper and cook the chicken pieces.
Cut the asparagus into smaller pieces (about 3 cm).
Drain the pasta and add the some olive oil. Mix in the chicken, the rest of the herbs and créme fraiche. Stir well and cook for one minute. Then add the asparagus and parmesan, stir once carefully and add pepper and salt if needed. Enjoy.

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